Monday, October 27, 2008

You Can Tell How Much Wealth Someone Has By The Number of Balconies On Their Home/Business

This is a photo of a street in the Old City in Cartagena, Colombia. Go ahead, click on the photo for a larger shot with much more detail.
Only the wealthy have balconies/verandahs and so the more you have on your home or business the wealthier you are (or so we were told by our tour guide).


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

What about paint. Just saying. Beautiful, but it needs painting. Have a great day. :)

Shinade said...

Okay now I'm hooked here too. I added your link.

I am so glad that I clicked on the little picture at your other site.

I have always wondered what it was and where it went.

Now I know and I love it!!

Have a great day!:-))))

Das Kaninchen said...

wow..colombians have simplistic view in evaluating wealth. For me dont judge a book by its cover..someone dresses so simple may possess millions in his bank account

betchai said...

that makes me very poor, hihihi. love the picture though.

lala said...

That is interesting, I had no idea. The house looks like some of the ones from the historic district of St. Augustine. Many of them had balconies also and now I know why.

Ruthi said...

Really? Seriously? Then that's a dead giveaway to those thieves. They already know which house to rob. hahahaha

Just came to drop my EC too.

dewi said...

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